Lego Indie

Indie's back in lego form. Many Lego fans are wowed

by the fact that they can re-make the amazing movies

using lego. This famous explorer can find crystal skulls

and golden arks. With his whip and hat he is truly amazing

and he is more amazing in lego.

Characters Edit

Lego Indiana Jones

Lego Short Round

Lego Willie Scott

Lego Mutt Williams

Lego Irena Spalka

Lego Colonel Dovchenko

Lego Russian Guards

Lego Ugha Warriors

Lego Sir Henry Jones

Lego Rene Belloq

Lego Marrion Ravenwood

Lego Satipo

Lego Jock The Pilot

Sets Edit

(Not All)

Ambush in Cairo

Temple of doom

Chauchilla Cemetery Battle

Venice Canal Chase

Fighter Plane Attack

Motorcycle Chase

Lost Tomb

Race for stolen Treasure