Lego agents game

Lego Agents Poster

Lego agents are very popular as many

boys want to be spies when they grow

up. Hanging from ropes and using lasers

are fun and so are LEGO agents. Go into an

imaginary world where you venture to

infiltrate enemy bases and spy on many

unsuspecting victims. All together lego

agents are a month of never ending fun.

Please enjoy my details on the sets!

Characters Edit


Agent Chase

Agent Charge

Agent Fuse

Agent Trace

Agent Swift

Agent Swipe


Dr. Inferno

Saw Fist

Break Jaw

Gold Tooth

Spy Clops

Slime Face


Fire Arm

Dollar Bill


Dr. D. Zaster

Magma Commander

Magma Drone

Sets Edit

Mission 1. Jet-pack pursuit

Mission 2. Swamp Raid

Mission 3. Gold Hunt

Mission 4. Speedboat rescue

Mission 5. Turbo-car Race

Mission 6. Mobile Command Centre

Mission 7. Deep sea quest

Mission 8. Volcano Base